Wednesday, 26 August 2009

10 Weeks

Today marks 10 weeks in this adventure of pregnancy! It seems crazy that I have only known for 5 weeks. I am eager to get the next two weeks over the be out of the first trimester! :P The funny thing is.. I forget I am pregnant so many times! If I get busy I dont even think of it. I have had it awesome though. If this is what pregnancy is like-- seriously, at this point, I could have a million babies! I am eager to hear our baby's heartbeat again! I ordered a bebe monitor thingy.. I am excited to get that, even though it might be too early still to hear anything!

This picture is from when mom and Britt where here.. this was one of the funnest hours that we had.. it is soo adorable!


Nate is going TDY in September and will spend a week at home while he is at it. Our good friend Ryan goes TDY around the same time- so I bet Abbey and I will be hanging out as much as our schedules let us. Kimmy is already dialated and will be having her baby within the month.. so we know where we will be too! Her mom is coming for a month as well, which I am very happy about!

Dezi is doing great. It is so hard to believe that she will be six years old on September 17th. SIX! Where did the time go? I start to worry because I can not imagine our life without her!!!! She is our life! I nkow quit worrying! :)

I am eager to buy our crib. But I am really trying to hold off until the 2nd trimester. They say it can take up to six months here to get it.. even though it will probably only take 3.. I dont want to take any chances, especially with the holiday season approaching!

Fall has hit us in Japan- winter will be soon to follow. We did not even have a summer this year! It is CRAZY! School starts on Monday. I went back yesterday- but our kids come on Monday. I am teaching sixth grade math! :) Speaking of, I hvae to get out the door to work! Have a great day...

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Baby Shaw!!


Our baby has a very healthy heartbeat! It is all so exciting! Watching the heart and listening to it was truly amazing. It is so amazing to me.. that this child is growing inside of me. I want to do everything possible to help this baby keep growing... Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers!! I am nine weeks tomorrow!!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Nothing News Worthy

There is nothing really worth writing about. I still have not gotten my pictures off of Abbey's camara. The camara that we chose to buy has been out of stock and will be in tomorrow- so we will finally have a working camara. We chose to go ahead and splurge and get a video one too.. you know, now that there is a Baby Shaw on its way. I am eight weeks tomorrow. It is so hard to believe that I have only known for almost three weeks! :) We have a DR appt with our first ultrasound on next Wed. pray that everything is okay and our baby is growing as he/she should be! It is just so scary to me! But for those of you that know how I am.. worry wort, anxious like crazy, etc... I have been doing good.

We sold our small sporty car today. We are buying a van. Now, before you stateside people give me a hard time.. we dont have options like you do. A van is the SUV of this base! :) I am happy though. I dread coming home and buying a car. Both of our first cars were only 1000$ and have been perfect. This van is going to be 2500$ which is great. It is a 1998!!! That is NEW around here.. I am excited. It is a really nice van! Seriously.

Ill write again soon...

Monday, 3 August 2009

We picked names..

Is it too soon? Who cares, right? Of course most of you know that our baby girl has been named for five years already! :) Sydni, after my grandpa and her middle name will be her daddys middle name: Carroll! So, if we have a little girl, she will be Sydni Carroll.

If we have a boy it will be Noah Lane. We just love the name Noah. We actually went through about nine names. Nathan was picking it out. He is stuck on the biblical names.. After we both decided Noah was it for this baby if it is a boy- we chose Lane for the middle name. We thought it sounded good. I always wanted to use that as a middle name because a nurse that took really great care of my grandpa was named Layne. :)

Things are going great around here!! I have been feeling fine. Only a few times that I have felt pregnant. For the most part, I feel exactly the same! We are both very excited!! Our lives have alreayd changed. Our first ultrasound is on the 19th. I dont want to wait that long. Please pray that everything is okay.