Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Tribute to my Mom!!

I can not even begin to comprehend a Mother's Love! It is all so new to me. I can not wait until I meet my baby and can be the mother to my child(ren) as my mom has ALWAYS been to us. I can not wait until the day when my baby says "mama,"... all of us, Shane, Britt, and I have all been truly blessed to have our mom as our mom! So many people looked at us as if we were the "disfunctional" family.. but in reality, we were absolutly not!!! Growing up with the four of us.. was simply amazing. I am blessed beyond measure.. and forever I am grateful for that.

I am thankful today for the relationship that I have with my mom, brother, and sister. Along with that- the way my mom has taught all of us to have relationships with our family. My grandma is so special and dear to me. I truly breaks my heart... to think of my grandma NOT being able to hold my brand new baby. But know also realize that there is a reason that... I am in Japan! I love her! My whole family is so close.. I can not wait to get to Texas to see everyone! Everyone is so special!

My mom-- she is such a wonderful Gammy to Shane's kids. Even if we are a world Away.. I know, I KNOW!!! that mom will be just as amazing of a Gammy to my baby as all of our babies in Texas! I love those kids. I am grateful that my mom met an amazing man, Greg-- who became my co-dad! He is a wonderful TawTaw to those babies.. and again, I know it will be the same with mine. I do not know how my family got so dang lucky to get a man like him in our lives!

Thank you moma, for loving us.. and always, ALWAYS being there for us!!!

NOW THESE SONGS!!! Really brought tears to my eyes.. because I KNOW my mom has felt this way about all of us!! I have the BEST mom in the world!!

And with this baby sister of mine getting married-- man, oh man, these are really sad!! We are all grown up! :) Mom, I am truly crying right now..



Slowly, but surely, I have begun to feel our baby move around. Today I have had more action than any other day. Nate keeps saying, "Can you only feel it from the inside?" Cute guy-- he is so eager. He doesn't completly show it.. but he is! :) Yes, I can only feel it from the inside right now. We are 19 weeks tomorrow. IT really does seem that this is zooming by. The trip to TEXAS is right before us, in like 47 days!! I can not believe when we come home from there- I will be in the 3rd trimester!!

So, our next Dr. Appt is on the 13th of November. After the appt. we are going to drive to the DR. off base to see if they can tell us what we are having. We will be 21 weeks. They dont like to tell you until you are 24.. but at least we can see our baby! :) Then on the 24th of November we have our long ultrasound on base. I will be 23 weeks then! It lasts about an hour.. but they check all kinds of things!

I watch my friend Kim, and I see how her house has become so... babyfied! I can not imagine my house being that way. May will be 7 years!!! 7 years people. Of just Nate and me!!! I do not know what is going to happen. It is going to be odd. And Dezi-- oh my.. my sweet Dezi, she has no clue what is about to happen.

Anywho.. I am just in a mood to write tonight! :) But I will stop- since no one reads this anyways!:)

Saturday, 24 October 2009

October zoomed by!!

Man, October has truly just gone right by us before our eyes. Nate made it home the second week of October and I am so glad to have him back. This darn house is so lonely without my other half! :) I am thankful to have such awesome friends here though. The Lord has truly bloessed me with two of the best friends I have ever had. The time Nate was gone, I spent a lot of time with Kim and her mom. Her mom was here because of Allie being born! Oh, I just love that little girl... This is a picture of me and her.. her second or third day, still in the hospital!


Mom keeps me updated with pictures of Chloe, Addi, and Ashtyn! I just loooove it! :) But this picture of my AddiBug is sooo cute! I hate it that she is crying, but she is freaking adorable! I can not believe in only 50 days we will be heading home and I can wrap my babies in my arms!! I am going to cry for sure!!


Last weekend Abbey, Kim, and I partipated in the Breast Cancer Awareness 5K. I have been following the story of Sara Sullivan for the past couple of months. If you have tinme, you should check out their blog. They lived here and she was a yoga instructor. It is so sad that breast cancer is something that is actually in this world! http://www.bandssullivan.blogspot.com/ So, when we did it, we were doing it in honor of her.


The next day was the huge air show on base. I read that they estimated that over 500 thousand people actually showed up. It was crazy! Here is a sweet picture of my hubby, who had to work, holding Allie at the Fire Department as we were watching the air show. It makes me THAT much more excited to meet our baby! :)


Then, that night-- or maybe it was the night before. Ab, Kim, and I made a family of ghosts for Halloween. I went ahead and added my little munchin! :)



Things here are good. work is going great for both of us. We are just enjoying this time of pregnancy. The baby is kicking lightly. WE can not wait when the baby is kciking and we can feel it from the outside! We are sooo ready! We are heading to the DR in 3 weeks to hopefully find out if we are going to be supporting blue or pink! :) So ready! 50 days and we are headed home!! I am soooooo excited for that!! :)