Thursday, 24 February 2011

Noah and Allie

These kid are BFFs. It is exciting for our new adventure to California, but yet SO sad to think of taking Noah away from Allie.. and of course me away from one of my best friends!!! Noah and Allie are special together.. They do not interact with any other child the way they do each other! Allie will grab his hand and pull him around the room- Noah wants to do the same, but being the boy he is- he grabs her shirts and practically DRAGS her! Sweet kids. They eat dinner well.... then bathe together at least 3-4 times a week! They are so sweet.

The DeMoss' and us are both so blessed with such amazing children. They are so completely opposite, yet so much alike. Ok.. maybe they aren't THAT much alike, hah! They are 6mths apart, but you would think they are the same age. Allie mello, calm, cool, and collected- until she gets mad. Noah is intense, fast, furious, and hardcore - until he gets sleepy! These sweet babies have such a love for each other.

They share EVERYTHING. At church Sunday the Nursery worker told us she just had a problem with them wanting each others cups.. how do you say... WE KNOW! It is okay. We let them. Allie wants Noah's pacy, Noah wants Allies.. Same with cup, toy, snacks, etc. IT doesn't matter that they have the SAME pacy or cup.. NOah wants Allie's pink one.. Allie wants his blue one! So much fun.

They are trouble together too! :) The dig through bags, play in the toilet, climb on tables, etc... all together! But they play so well. These kids love each other so much.. and Noah loves his Aunty Kim and Allie loves her Aunty Cassey! We are blessed!!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Still Sleeping...

Wouldn't you know that Noah has started sleeping until close to 7am now! It is great, but now I need to revamp our morning routine to fit this! :) This little boy is the light of my life. He helps me smile constantly. I am rarely upset or discouraged... and it is because of his sweet innocence! Noah knows how to make me laugh and make me smile. It is a great feeling to know that I am needed so much. There have been a few moments since Daddy has been deployed that I have wanted a break. Not a whole day feeling that way- but just like 10 minutes. :) But we take what we can get and I truly think that Noah and I cherish our time together. Working is great.. but I HATE being away from him all day! I am not sure what the future holds for us in California... but the thought of being a Stay At Home Mom is there... and Nate is willing to try it. We are just so use to a two family income. But then I think- that is a sacrifice we should be willing to make... This is part of the reason we have saved so hard. Who cares if we can't save for retirement as much as we have in the past few years? Wouldn't it be worth it to be home with my boy? Yea, I do think so... Well I had a moment, so I wanted to write.. Gotta go wake my boy and get him ready for the day!


Monday, 21 February 2011

Who would have thought...

That my 10 month old would think it would be cool to climb out of his crib and fall to the ground. You know when you get pregnant and everyone starts to give you advice.. one of the most popular things you are told: Don't ever let your baby sleep with you! The people that can do that- I commend you. I like to blame it on the fact that I work full time and I am tired and it is easier to bring him to bed with me... and this is true.. BUT in all honesty, I enjoy having my little guy in bed with me. He doesn't normally start out in bed with me.. but he almost ALWAYS ends up there.. especially since Daddy has been gone. Why I regret this.. Well, I can't just lay him in his bed and he will go to sleep. I have to get him to sleep for naps and bed time. Most days/nights this is okay.. Other times it would be ideal to be able to put him in his bed to put himself to sleep... BUT I enjoy having my little munchkin in bed with me! :) So yesterday I was trying to get him to nap on his own... Yea.. haha! I let him cry for 10 minutes, went in to console him.. and then layed him back down. I let him cry again.. and about five minutes into it, I hear BANG! He straight up fell out of his bed!!! So now I have turned his bed around.... but I am wondering how I am going to get him in his bed because the back side is fairly tall! :) Oh the joys of being a Mommy! I LOVE IT!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Being a Wife and Mommy

Being a wife has been one of the best things in my life... being a wife to Nate.. makes it all the better. We are so much alike.. and yet so very different. We absolutely fit. It is hard to believe that we have been "together" for 11 years and in May we will have been married for 8. This man has made me the happiest woman alive. I wasn't one of those girls that dreamed of a fairy tale wedding or life.... and I think that is great... because I don't have those expectations. I have changed a lot since Nate and I married.. we both have. We have found our happy place- in the middle -- and well it totally works for us. We spent seven years together, married, without a kiddo. 7 years.. and yet, now.. it is so hard to even remember a time without Noah. Next month Noah will be 1. Are you serious? When people say that time flies- they are not lying. This little boy has come into our life.. and has really brought so much into it. Who would have ever known that a child could add so much 'flavor' to a marriage? It is so exciting to wake up everyday and have this little dude to take care of. I never thought that I would love being a mommy so much.. but I love it as much as I have loved being a wife! I was born for this- to be a wife and Mommy.. and the Lord new exactly WHO I was going to be a wife too and WHO I was going to be a mommy too. I am so very thankful for both of these men in my life.

We have about two more months before Nate comes home. Time really has flown... but it is hard. In a lot of ways this deployment has been much harder than the others... and in a lot of ways it has been so much easier. It is hard to watch Noah.. watch him grow and learn new things and know that Nater is missing out. It is hard knowing that Nate hurts being away from his little boy.. it is hard sometimes watching them skype... or Noah saying Dada... or when their only interaction is over a computer. But man, I am SO thankful that we have these things to help us through these times. It has not been near as hard being a 'single mom' as I thought. Maybe it is because I am who I am. I do what I do... and I like to think I am pretty strong. I don't let things get me down or burdened to often. It has been easier in a lot of ways because I do have this little guy that brings me such joy!

So tomorrow is Valentine's Day! A day of love that I am going to really enjoy.. who cares if Nate isn't here? It isn't about that. It is about LOVE. And holy cow- do I have LOVE in my LIFE!!!! :)


Saturday, 12 February 2011


Life has continued.. and so many things have been going on. Nate left in November, Noah and I spent Christmas in Texas, and we have been back in Misawa since then. We received orders to Beale AFB, California and will be heading there this summer.. Noah is 10 months old.. a walking fool... and we are eagerly waiting for our Daddy to come home sometime in April. With all of that said... I hope I can start writing more! :)