Thursday, 19 January 2012

Ms. Pig got a makeover!

Nine years ago I was in my balancing college life, working full-time, and planning for my wedding. Nate was in Hawaii with friends working... and doing ZERO wedding planning, haha! Between work and class I didn't have much extra time. So, all of the time that I did have I usually spent in my dorm room, online, finding nice- CHEAP- ideas! I can't believe it is almost 9 years ago that I married this boy.

Our family pig joined us almost 9 years ago too. She has been wonderful. She is world traveled and used by many. She has lived in Texas, Mississippi, JAPAN, and now California. She is still as healthy as ever. But the husband decided it was definitely time for a makeover. Her hair had started to fade, so like any awesome woman-- she needed to go in to have her hair fixed.


First the husband use a special tool (my word for I don't know which one) to take off the existing paint.  No worries, TawTaw (the awesome ARTIST of The Pig)... she didn't look as bad as the above picture portrays. 

Then the man got right to work! First was dying her hair black, I mean- that is what is in style these days with a lot of girls- right? Or at least it was in style in my neck o' the woods last time I visited.  

Next he gave her some white highlights. Don't you know that the gals that dye their hair black usually add some additional color? Well Ms. Pig wanted the same special care! 

Next she had her favorite procedure done: Getting her eye make-up put on to last FOREVER! Who wouldn't like this!!! Amazing- never have to do your make-up again! Sign me up, please! :)

Daddy took really good care of Ms. Pig.

She came out beautiful and ready to go! She is excited for the next 9 years with us! 

This pig has brought joy to many... :) We can only thank our very own TawTaw (my step-dad) for this wonderful creation. If you asked me what we got for our wedding... there are only three things that I could tell you that I remember from the top of my head.. and Ms. Pig of course would be #1. 

*If you have black hair with highlights, I wasn't saying bad things about you... just trying to make the post fun*


  1. I am so honored that you put my button on your blog:) I am also trying to increase my followers. Do you have a button? I'd be happy to help out a fellow blogger:) Stay Fashionable! Love,Candy

  2. Candy. I don't have a button... I guess I could create one, huh?! I have been blogging since 2007... but am just now trying to turn it into something different!! Thanks so much!

  3. Hey! Thanks for following me, I am a new follower to you! I'm excited to find someone is the same position as me! I'd love to chat and get to know you more! ie how many kids do you have, how do you survive your days?!?! lol Also, how do you have such great advertising on your site? Jealous!!

  4. I LOVE that Ms. Pig and nate did an excellent job on her! who knew he had such talent!? o yea forgot hes a shaw and every shaw does everything so good!!

  5. I love that you have a pig barbecue! That is just the coolest. I'm stopping over from the hobby room and am so glad you liked the Brussels sprouts recipe. Love your blog!